I publish my work in journals of ecology and entomology, and present at the Entomological Society of America or Ecological Society of America meetings. PDFs of papers and presentations are linked below, link to CV here. Catch me in 2020 at the International Congress of Entomology in Helsinki.

Research publications:

Buchanan, Grieshop and Szendrei 2018. Assessing annual and perennial flowering plants for biological control in asparagus. Biological Control 127: 1-8

Buchanan and Hooks 2018. Influence of winter cover crop mulch on arthropods in a reduced tillage cucurbit system. Environmental Entomology 47(2): 292-299

Buchanan, Hermann, Lund and Szendrei 2017. A meta-analysis of non-consumptive predator effects in arthropods: the influence of organismal and environmental characteristics. Oikos 126(9): 1123-1240

Buchanan, Gibbs, Komondy and Szendrei 2017. Bee community of commercial potato fields in Michigan and Bombus impatiens visitation to neonicotinoid-treated potato plants. Insects 8(30)

Buchanan, Kolb and Hooks 2016. Can winter cover crops influence weed density and diversity in a reduced tillage vegetable system? Crop Protection, 90: 9-16

Kim, Spiesman, Buchanan et al. 2015. Selective manipulation of a non-dominant plant and its herbivores affects an old-field plant community. Plant Ecology 216: 1029-1045

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Buchanan 2015. Effects of damage and pollination on sexual and asexual reproduction in a flowering clonal plant. Plant Ecology 216: 273-282

Buchanan and Underwood 2013. Attracting pollinators and avoiding herbivores: insects influence plant traits within and across years. Oecologia 173: 473-482

Buchanan 2013. Damage by Neochetina weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) induces resistance in Eichhornia crassipes (Commelinales: Pontederiaceae). Florida Entomologist 96:458-462

Holland, Buchanan and Loubeau 2004. Oviposition choice and larval survival in an obligately pollinating granivorous moth. Evolutionary Ecology Research 6:607-618

Pest management newsletters:

Stale seedbed for weed management

Cover crops to manage the weed seedbank

Cover crop suppression techniques

Cover crops for soil health and weed suppression (pdf)

Tillage and cover crops for weed management (pdf)

Research presentations:

2016 Ecology-based approaches to pest management

2016 Alternative pest management in specialty crops

2015 Cover crop diversity and management for weed control in organic vegetables

2015 Innovative tactics for pest management in asparagus

2014 Tillage and cover crops in organic agriculture

2014 Induced resistance in an invasive plant: implications for biocontrol

2013 Plant responses to herbivores and pollinators

2011 Insect foragers and plant allocation pattern

2009 Dynamic optimization model for herbivory and pollination

2006 Testing the magnet species hypothesis in a rewardless orchid