Some of the terrific students I’ve worked with: 

Michigan State University and University of Michigan undergrads Jenna, Dalanei, and Tamar sample insects on asparagus and insectary plants at an experimental field site
Copy of IMG_20170519_093934791
Michigan State University undergrads Jenna and Dalanei set up field cages for asparagus experiments
Copy of IMG_20160623_101215109_HDR
Michigan State University undergrad Lidia (soon to be a graduate student at the University of Florida) sets up pollinator survey traps in potato fields
Copy of IMG_20160606_133411483_HDR_2
Michigan State University undergrad Sarah plants a perennial garden to study attractiveness to parasitoid wasps
Copy of IMG_20160701_094727992
Michigan State University undergrads Grace and Abby place caterpillars on Brassica cover crop plants for a damage experiment
LB_weed ID
University of Maryland undergrads Katie, Beth, and Mark confer on the identify of weeds in a lima bean field
LB_weed ID(2)
University of Maryland undergrads Hannah, Anthony, and Chana count and identify plants in a lima bean study
Field of cucumbers
Florida State University undergrad (now a grad student at University of Florida) Rachel’s experimental zucchini plot