Statement on mentoring and diversity

Undergraduate involvement is a key part of my research, and I play an active role in mentoring, advising, and supervising undergraduate and graduate students. Working within a framework of each student’s expressed career goals, I focus on career planning and development, critical thinking and the scientific process, and statistical and computational skills.

I am personally and professionally invested in promoting diversity in research and in agriculture. Representation matters, and equity in science can only be achieved actively fostering diverse and inclusive extension and research programs. See my CV for details on teaching and community outreach.

Michigan State University and University of Michigan undergrads Jenna, Dalanei, and Tamar sample insects on asparagus and insectary plants at an experimental field site
Copy of IMG_20170519_093934791
Michigan State University undergrads Jenna and Dalanei set up field cages for asparagus experiments
Copy of IMG_20160623_101215109_HDR
Michigan State University undergrad Lidia sets up pollinator survey traps in potato fields
Copy of IMG_20160606_133411483_HDR_2
Former undergrad and current grad student at Michigan State University Sarah plants a common garden to study attractiveness to parasitoid wasps
Copy of IMG_20160701_094727992
Michigan State University undergrads Grace and Abby place caterpillars on Brassica cover crop plants for a damage experiment
LB_weed ID
University of Maryland undergrads Katie, Beth, and Mark confer on the identify of weeds in a lima bean field
LB_weed ID(2)
University of Maryland undergrads Hannah, Anthony, and Chana count and identify plants in a lima bean study
Field of cucumbers
Florida State University undergrad (now a grad student at University of Florida) Rachel’s experimental zucchini plot


Building a hummingbird
Pineview Elementary 5th graders learn about ecology and make clay models of organisms