Extension and stakeholder engagement

I use newsletters, online information sheets, field-side demos, and regional grower/industry meetings to present my work to growers, land owners, community members, and agency representatives. I provide knowledge support and competence building for issues like habitat management and diversification, pest management tactics, and natural enemy attraction (CV).

Factsheets give growers quick access to important information about major pests, including identification characteristics and economic thresholds:

Asparagus beetle (pdf)

Cutworms in asparagus

Squash bug

Squash vine borer

Cucumber beetle (pdf)

Newsletters provide more detailed information about agricultural practices:

Stale seedbed for weed management

Cover crops to manage the weed seedbank

Cover crop suppression techniques

Cover crops for soil health and weed suppression (pdf)

Tillage and cover crops for weed management (pdf)

Field-side demos give growers, community members, and other stakeholders a first hand look at research outcomes and a chance to ask questions of the research team:

amanda margie zsofia demo
Amanda, Margie, and Zsofia discuss beneficial insects with organic growers
amanda demo
Amanda explains effects of winter cover crops for organic squash
greg and peter demo
Greg and Peter demonstrate effects of cover crop tillage in organic sweet corn

Presentations at growers meetings and field demos give the opportunity for stakeholders to meet and interact with researchers, and for researchers to assess the needs of stakeholders (all pdf):

2017 Asparagus insect pest management – Asparagus Advisory Board

2015 Asparagus pest management – Oceana Research Tour

2015 Managing Japanese beetle and asparagus miner – Great Lakes Expo

2014 Winter cover crops influence soil quality, pest suppression, and crop yield – Southern Maryland Vegetable Growers

2014 Effects of winter cover crops on organic crops – Organic Twilight Farm Tour

2014 Using cover crops for pest suppression in crookneck squash – Maryland Organic Food and Farming Association

2014 Native bees as crop pollinators – Maryland Pesticide Certification

2014 Sustainable pest control: using cover crops and tillage in vegetable crops – Eastern Shore Vegetable Growers

2014 Ecological effects of winter cover crops on organic vegetable production – USDA BARC Symposium